Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Horse Rebound

Right before thanksgiving I recieved a call from a horse trader about some gaited horses he had available for sale. I had emailed him back in September when I was horse hunting. I went out to see him and his horses out of curiosity. Ive never really have ridden gaited horses except a peruvian paso that a friend allowed me to ride on the beach back in June.

So I went thinking I will just look and see. Still feeling raw about Corona...I didnt think I would be able to connect with another horse so soon. But of course that wasnt the case. I met a great gelding TWH with a flaxen mane and soft big eyes. He was finished and smooth. But the gate felt foreign to me and there was a little hesitation that I might not be good enough as a rider for this particular horse. Well the seller was very carismatic and this was too good to pass up. So I put down a deposit and left to sleep on it.

There was a problem. Something wasnt right. I begin feeling regretful and nasious and fearfull. This might sound strange but I felt like I had just cheated on my significant other. This is what I call a rebound. There was nothing wrong with the horse..he was perfect. But I wasnt ready to move on.

The next day I went back to the ranch and broke the news to the guy. He was actually very understanding and to my surprise refunded my deposit. What a releif. I felt so much better imeadiatly.

This is a very big desision and it should feel right. There should be no second thoughts when it comes to horse ownership. Ive gotten lots of critism from people over the past few years that "im not serious about riding" or "I dont know what im doing" but the truth is that no one really knows your situation better then you do. Go with your guts.


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