Saturday, October 5, 2013

Willing Partners by Monty Roberts

So im in search of a horse to purchase and looking for a willing partner that is sound & has a great horsenality. This proves to be a harder task then I initially thought. Lets just say I have a modest budget...mostly because im just looking for a good trail/western horse to work with that has been started in natural horsmanship. Im new to the equestrian community and just not sure how to find a good horse for a good price. So when I found Monty Roberts Willing Partners program, I was esthatic! They have a great track record and find quality horses to match with the right owner. Hopefully this will be a great start to my horse search.


  1. Did you ever go to see the Month Roberts horses? I don't want to risk my time and money if they're completely out of my price range.

  2. I had a friend who worked with Monty on the ranch and she walked me through some of the prices. I decided that although they were well worth it the prices where still too high for my budget. I think you are paying for all the work that goes into training and to be able to say they came from Flag is up Farms which might add value as well. Just my opinion.